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In addition to his role as Director of Grant Writing and Resource Development, Colin is a second-year medical student at the Frank H. Netter MD School of medicine at Quinnipiac University who hopes to pursue a career as an orthopaedic surgery and lifestyle medicine. Colin earned a B.A. in Neuroscience & Behavior from Wesleyan University. 

While he never played competitive hockey, Colin grew up in a neighborhood of hockey players and was around the game throughout his childhood. Colin played soccer, lacrosse, and basketball for ten years before deciding to pursue lacrosse full-time. Team sports played an instrumental role in Colin’s development, and he credits much of his success academically and professionally to lessons he learned from teammates and coaches on the field. “For me, learning to embrace failure as an opportunity to grow rather than a bad outcome to avoid was monumental. Hockey instills so many of the same lessons I learned in the sports I played growing up.” 

Outside of Hockey Haven, Colin still plays lacrosse as a member of the Scottish National Team and is involved in student groups on campus in the medical school. He is an avid fan of the movies, and his favorite is by far Remember the Titans!

Colin is thrilled to be able to increase accessibility to team sports in his community and provide young athletes with an opportunity to get involved in hockey! 

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