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Mission and Vision

Hockey is a prohibitively expensive sport to play. With rising prices in equipment, team fees, and transportation, playing hockey is unaffordable for so many people. Additionally, hockey is historically not diverse; with the NHL comprised of 95% white players. Our organization is set out to eliminate these barriers and make hockey accessible for kids of any demographic while putting zero constraints on family finances.

Based out of New Haven, CT, we are offering learn-to-play programs at absolutely no cost to the families who participate. Partnered with The New York Rangers, we will be providing full equipment and professional programming to all kids who participate.

Our Goals

• Establish a learn-to-play program for kids to learn the fundamentals of hockey

• Eliminate the racial and financial barriers impeding families from putting their kids in hockey

• Provide all resources necessary for kids to excel on the ice at absolutely no cost to families

• Foster an environment that furthers the growth and development of our kids through teamwork, overcoming adversity, and perseverance

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