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I have not felt comfortable putting my son in sports yet, but seeing the way you guys communicate with people and work with the kids has made me feel comfortable to finally put him in a sport – Nicole Bradley (parent)

We just moved here from Spain in the last few months and my children have had a hard time acclimating and making friends. One of the students in my daughter’s class found out that she plays hockey and went up to her at school and said, “Do you play hockey? I do too! Let’s be friends!” So it is making the adjustment to a new town and school much easier – Veronica Perez (parent)

Thank you so much for all you do for our kids! What an awesome team!! They really had a special day today! – Mari Carmen Barrosa Barba (parent)

Thank you for everything you are doing for the kids!! – David Ibarra (parent)

You’re doing great!! Kids love you! Thank you very much!! You’re awesome! – Veronica Perez (parent)

They are role models, not just for sports but for our kids to be able to learn from them – Veronica Perez (parent)

Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to try this beautiful sport, my kids and us will never forget it!! – Emma Cebria (parent)

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