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In addition to his role as Director of Analytics and Communications, Zak is a second-year medical student at the Frank H. Netter MD School of medicine at Quinnipiac University who hopes to pursue a career in Neurology within the Veterans Health Administration system. Zak earned a B.A. in Neuroscience & Behavior, Biology, and Informatics and Modeling in Integrative Genomic Sciences from Wesleyan University (CT) in 2019.

Unlike some of his co-founders, Zak has not played organized ice hockey; however, athletics were a prominent component of his upbringing, as he continued to play baseball, basketball, football, and lacrosse during his high school years. He would go on to play cornerback for the Wesleyan Cardinals. Zak notes that his experience within the world of sports has “instilled and tested values of grit, teamwork, and perseverance”, which guides his professional endeavors.

Outside of Hockey Haven, Zak remains active and continues his research through the Boston-based VA Biorepository Brain Bank. He also loves trying local restaurants and is a loyal Baltimore Ravens fan who is still getting over their recent collapse to the Miami Dolphins.

Zak strongly believes that sports created opportunities for him that otherwise would have seemed unattainable. He cannot wait to see Hockey Haven athletes come on the ice and the opportunities that may come to be!

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